July 2, 2018

Five projects received funding in the second year of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions’ Catalyst Program.

The program aims to build on the Nicholas Institute’s mission by increasing engagement with Duke University faculty to incubate and advance new partnerships, enhance policy-relevant knowledge, and create innovative policy solutions based on new creative synergies. Funded in the program’s second year:

Assessing Rural Attitudes on the Environment

Rural Americans matter to the fate of U.S. environmental policy. Not only do farmers, ranchers, and forest owners manage huge portions of American lands and watersheds, but rural voters also have an outsized impact on policy, and in particular the United States Senate, which explicitly empowers rural states. This project aims to better understand rural Americans’ views on the environment, environmental policy, and environmentalism by understanding the attitudes of rural North Carolinians.


Robert Bonnie, Duke University’s Rubenstein Fellow Program; Tim Profeta, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions; Frederick Mayer, Sanford School of Public Policy; and Emily Pechar, Nicholas School of the Environment