15Nov, 2018

Trump’s Tweets on Deadly Fires Prompt Backlash in California

Robert Bonnie, News

Bloomberg | November 13, 2018 By Christopher Flavelle President Donald Trump’s insistence that poor forest management by California is responsible for the state’s deadly wildfires has fueled a backlash by officials who say it is misleading and ignores the fact that most of the public woodlands in the state are federally managed.Trump’s tweet also clashed […]

13Nov, 2018

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Says There is ‘no plan for soldiers to come in contact with immigrants’

General Martin Dempsey, News

The Duke Chronicle | November 6, 2018 By Xinchen Li Gen. Joseph Dunford—chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—delivered a talk Monday night about the U.S. military in a time of geopolitical strain. As the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and the nation’s highest-ranking and senior-most military officer, Dunford said his responsibility is to ensure the […]

6Nov, 2018

Several Former Military Leaders Speak Out Against Troops Sent To U.S.-Mexico Border

General Martin Dempsey, News

National Public Radio | November 5, 2018 By Mary Louise Kelly MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: A wasteful deployment of overstretched soldiers and Marines – that is one reaction to President Trump’s decision to send U.S. troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. And that reaction comes from a former chairman of the joint chiefs, retired General Martin […]

3Nov, 2018

Former Generals Worry that Trump’s Border Mission Uses Troops as a Political Tool

General Martin Dempsey, News

Washington Post | November 2, 2018 By Greg Jaffe and Dan Lamothe President Trump’s decision to send as many as 15,000 troops to the southern border has drawn sharp and unusual criticism from former military leaders, who have called the deployment “wasteful” and raised worries that the president might be using the military as a […]

11Oct, 2018

Bonnie on the Farm Bill and Wildfires

Robert Bonnie, News

Rubenstein Fellow, Robert Bonnie remarks on the reauthorization of the farm bill and wildfire management in The Washington Examiner, Before Passing Farm Bill, Congress Has a Big Fight Over Wildfires to Get Through, on October 10, 2018. “The marginal benefits of giving the Forest Service more authority for projects won’t make that big of a difference,” Robert […]

11Oct, 2018

Raskin on Pensions

Home, Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

Rubenstein Fellow, Sarah Bloom Raskin remarks on the relationship between public pension funds and private equity firms in The New York Times, Pensions Get Bolder in Challenging Private Equity on Investments’ Human Cost, on October 8, 2018. “Workers don’t want their pension money invested in ways that hurt other workers,” said Sarah Bloom Raskin, a fellow […]

10Oct, 2018

Interior Department Withdraws Federal Lands North Of Yellowstone From Mining For Two Decades

Robert Bonnie, News

National Parks Traveler| October 8, 2018 Tourism has trumped mining in a scenic valley just north of Yellowstone National Park that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, following the lead of former Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, said would be off-limits to new mining claims for two decades. Two years ago Secretary Jewell and Under Secretary of Agriculture […]

25Sep, 2018

Former U.S. Ambassador Draws Connections between Cold War Negotiations, Modern-day Relations

Jack Matlock, News

The Chronicle | September 24, 2018 By Amelia Martin Lessons from the Cold War can be applied to today’s political climate, former U.S. Ambassador Jack Matlock said at an event Wednesday. Matlock, a former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union and a Rubenstein Fellow at Duke, gave a talk at Perkins Library Wednesday to discuss U.S.-Soviet Union […]

22Aug, 2018

Regulations Come Under Review as Memories Fade

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

Pensions & Investments | August 20, 2018 By Hazel Bradford                     Sarah Bloom Raskin believes one of the worst aspects of the crisis was the lack of a coordinated response from Washington.  Ten years ago, as risk-taking in the financial sector was growing, Washington regulators either […]

15Aug, 2018

Environmentalists Outraged as Ryan Zinke Says California Fires Have Nothing to do with Climate Change

Robert Bonnie, News

The Washington Examiner | August 13, 2018 By Josh Siegel Environmentalists criticized Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Monday for blaming the wildfires raging through California on forest management and claiming that climate change has not played a role in the blazes. Zinke, on a two-day tour of areas devastated by the Carr Fire in Redding, Calif., […]