20Oct, 2017

GSA’s Blockchain Blockbuster

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

FCW | October 18, 2017 By Steve Kelman The other week I got an email from Jose Arrieta, the new director, arrived less than a year ago, of the General Services Administration’s Schedule 70 (IT products and services) operations. …. Before joining GSA, Arrieta spent three years with the Treasury Department as its small business executive. […]

4Oct, 2017

Why Russia Fears America’s Missile Defenses

Jack Matlock, News

The National Interest | September 29, 2017 By Dave Majumdar In recent weeks, Russia has conducted a number of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests with experimental payloads that are designed to penetrate advanced missile defenses. The idea is to ensure that Russian nuclear weapons can reach their targets even in the event that their targets […]

28Sep, 2017

There Will Be Fire: Congress fights over how to fund, respond to wildfires

Robert Bonnie, News

The Washington Examiner | September 27, 2017 By Josh Siegel Western lawmakers are pushing for Congress to address funding and management challenges at the U.S. Forest Service as the government struggles to respond to an extreme year for wildfires. Democrats and Republicans representing states affected by wildfires say the problem demands the same attention as recent hurricanes, as […]

26Sep, 2017

Why the Equifax Breach Stings So Bad

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

The New York Times | September 22, 2017 By Ron Lieber Among the 2,000 or so enraged messages that I received after the most recent Equifax data breach, the wish that came up most often was that Richard F. Smith, the company’s chief executive, be pushed out the door. But the messages also reflected something I had […]

22Sep, 2017

No Time for Techno-Babble: Four Key Traits of Quality CISO Reports

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

Security Intelligence | September 18, 2017 By Christophe Veltsos Board directors have very little patience for technical jargon. Given the tremendous pressure executives are under to avoid headline-grabbing data breaches, CISO reports should align enterprise risks with their potential impacts on business objectives in terms that nontechnical board members can easily understand. An EY report titled “The […]

5Sep, 2017

Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Talks Rubenstein Fellows Appointment, Government Experience

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

The Chronicle | September 4, 2017 By Sam Turken Sarah Bloom Raskin, who served as deputy secretary of the Department of the Treasury in the Obama administration for three years, became a Rubenstein Fellow in August. At Duke, Raskin will spend the next three years working with students and faculty to study financial markets and regulations. She […]

11Aug, 2017

We Worked for Bush & Obama: Here’s a bipartisan solution to America’s wildfire problem

Home, Robert Bonnie

USA TODAY | August 11, 2017 Op-Ed by Robert Bonnie and Mark Rey Roughly 7-8 million acres burn in wildfires annually, almost twice as many as three decades ago — we must take action. Republicans and Democrats aren’t supposed to agree on much these days, particularly when it comes to the environment and management of our […]

2Aug, 2017

Former Treasury Deputy Secretary Joins Duke as Rubenstein Fellow

Home, Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

Duke Today | August 1, 2017 By Laura Howes Sarah Bloom Raskin, former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, joins Duke University as a Rubenstein Fellow on Aug. 1. Raskin will collaborate across the university to improve understanding of markets, regulation and public leadership. She will lead research that seeks to shape a […]

20Jun, 2017

Interview: Applying Lessons Of The Cold War To Current U.S.-Russia Relations

Jack Matlock, News

NPR, WVXU Cincinnati | June 15, 2017 By Mark Heyne Ambassador Matlock was in Cincinnati this week for the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council speaker series America Faces Its Global Challenges. He spoke with us about lessons from the Cold War and how they can apply to public policy today…

30May, 2017

Wildfires on the Rise Due to Drought and Climate Change

Home, Robert Bonnie, News

60 Minutes |May 28, 2017 By Steve Inskeep Fighting wildfires in America cost federal agencies almost $2 billion last year including more than half the budget of the U.S. Forest Service. Wildland fires are growing worse in a time of drought and climate change, and the biggest and most destructive fires can’t be stopped. They are […]