6Dec, 2017

New Duke Project to Address Energy Needs of World’s Poor

Jim Rogers, News

Duke Today | December 6, 2017 By Erin McKenzie, Sarah Dwyer Duke University is launching a project focused on developing new and collaborative ways to meet the energy needs of some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities, President Vincent E. Price announced Wednesday. The Energy Access Project was established by a $1.5 million gift from Jim […]

4Dec, 2017

The New Leadership Environment Part III: The Case for Radical Inclusion

General Martin Dempsey, News

Linkedin | December 1, 2017 By General Martin E. Dempsey Bill Kraus looks like a drill sergeant: ramrod straight, clear-eyed, and physically fit, with closely cropped hair and a baritone voice. When you meet him, you know you’re in the presence of a man on a mission. He’s actually a former executive at Under Armour and […]

4Dec, 2017

The New Leadership Environment Part II: Yeats on Leadership

General Martin Dempsey, News

Linkedin | November 2, 2017 By General Martin E. Dempsey I first became interested in the poetry of William Butler Yeats in graduate school. By that time I had accumulated enough life experience to help make sense of this prolific poet, who wrote of folklore, history, romance, heroism, and mysticism in the years between his first published […]

4Dec, 2017

The New Leadership Environment Part I: The Era of the Digital Echo

General Martin Dempsey, News

Linkedin | October 9, 2017 By General Martin E. Dempsey I was fond of my analog mechanical bathroom scale. If I didn’t like its reading, I could shift my feet a little to the left or a little to the right to move the dial to a weight more to my liking. I didn’t know or care […]

17Nov, 2017

Vanguard Shareholders Vote to Restructure REIT Funds and for Other Changes

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

ThinkAdvisor | November 15, 2017 By Bernice Napach Vanguard is restructuring two REIT Index Funds and trimming the expense ratio for the institutional share class of its Total Stock Market Index and Institutional Index funds, according to a preliminary count of votes at Wednesday’s shareholder meeting. …. In addition to these proxy votes, Vanguard shareholders elected […]

7Nov, 2017

Janet Yellen is Going Out on a High Note

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

CNN Money | November 2, 2017 By Matt Egan It’s easy to forget that just two years ago many feared Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve were trapped at zero. Yellen faced a puzzling challenge: How to raise interest rates without freaking out markets and disrupting the recovery? Under Yellen’s leadership, the Fed has gradually moved interest […]

7Nov, 2017

Ramsey Lecture Links Economic Anxiety to Policy

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

University of Maryland Baltimore | October 30, 2017 By Laura Lee University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Visiting Professor Sarah Bloom Raskin, JD, says an increasing number of Americans are living in fear. Not of bumps in the night, but fear of losing a job, fear of being unable to pay bills, and […]

26Oct, 2017

Frank and Raskin: Why is Congress Hurting Consumers?

Home, Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

Sarah Bloom Raskin and Barney Frank discuss regulatory and legislative protections for consumers. Photo by Megan Mendenhall/Duke Photography Duke Today | October 26, 2017 By Frances Presma, Duke Law Former Democratic Congressman Barney Frank and former Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin discussed the current state of financial regulation and the post-crisis evolution of the […]

20Oct, 2017

GSA’s Blockchain Blockbuster

Sarah Bloom Raskin, News

FCW | October 18, 2017 By Steve Kelman The other week I got an email from Jose Arrieta, the new director, arrived less than a year ago, of the General Services Administration’s Schedule 70 (IT products and services) operations. …. Before joining GSA, Arrieta spent three years with the Treasury Department as its small business executive. […]

4Oct, 2017

Why Russia Fears America’s Missile Defenses

Jack Matlock, News

The National Interest | September 29, 2017 By Dave Majumdar In recent weeks, Russia has conducted a number of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests with experimental payloads that are designed to penetrate advanced missile defenses. The idea is to ensure that Russian nuclear weapons can reach their targets even in the event that their targets […]