11Oct, 2018

Raskin on Pensions

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Rubenstein Fellow, Sarah Bloom Raskin remarks on the relationship between public pension funds and private equity firms in The New York Times, Pensions Get Bolder in Challenging Private Equity on Investments’ Human Cost, on October 8, 2018.
“Workers don’t want their pension money invested in ways that hurt other workers,” said Sarah Bloom Raskin, a fellow at […]

22Aug, 2018

Regulations Come Under Review as Memories Fade

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Pensions & Investments | August 20, 2018
By Hazel Bradford











Sarah Bloom Raskin believes one of the worst aspects of the crisis was the lack of a coordinated response from Washington. 

Ten years ago, as risk-taking in the financial sector was growing, Washington regulators either weren’t looking, didn’t know what they were looking at, or weren’t sure […]

23May, 2018

Congress Approves First Big Dodd-Frank Rollback

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The New York Times | May 22, 2018
By Alan Rappeport and Emily Fliter
A decade after the global financial crisis tipped the United States into a recession, Congress agreed on Tuesday to free thousands of small and medium-sized banks from strict rules that had been enacted as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law to prevent another […]

23Apr, 2018

Justin Muzinich, Trump’s Pick for Treasury’s No. 2, Files Ethics Pledge, Income Disclosure

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The National Law Journal | April 23, 2018
By MP McQueen

Former hedge fund manager Justin Muzinich, now counselor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the Trump administration’s pick for deputy secretary, reported receiving more than $17 million in vested stock options, capital gains income and company salary, according to a financial disclosure released by the U.S. Office […]

5Apr, 2018

Once Used for Natural Disasters, Resilience Theory Informs Financial Regulation Debate

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Duke Today | April 3, 2018
By Colin Colter

Sarah Bloom Raskin speaks at the financial regulation panel held in the Duke in DC office. With her is Lee Reiners of Duke Law and Tom Quaadman. Photo by Colin Colter
Regulation cannot protect financial systems from all large market downturns, but building resilience into the system may dampen the shock, […]

3Apr, 2018

Treasury’s Tax Law Architect, Justin Muzinich, Is Tapped as Deputy Secretary

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The New York Times | April 2, 2018
By Alan Rappeport
President Trump on Monday will tap Justin Muzinich, a top aide to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, as the Treasury Department’s deputy secretary, a powerful role that includes overseeing a broad portfolio of policy matters like taxes, financial regulation, trade and economic sanctions.
The nomination fills a void […]

23Mar, 2018

Duke Honor Council Celebrates 25th Anniversary During Integrity Week

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Duke Today | March 23, 2018
By Geoffrey Mock

Duke students lead the Duke Honor Council

For 25 years, Duke students have helped take the lead on maintaining classroom integrity. To recognize the anniversary of the Duke Honor Code, the student-led Honor Council is organizing a series of events next week to mark Integrity Week.
The events are part of a year-long series […]

2Mar, 2018

Democrats Insist Dodd-Frank Relief Bill Would Loosen Rules for Foreign Megabanks

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Washington Examiner | March 1, 2018
By Joseph Lawler

Senate Democrats on Thursday rejected Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell’s assurances that a bipartisan bill offering relief from Dodd-Frank rules wouldn’t loosen rules on foreign megabanks like Deutsche Bank and Santander.

During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Powell told proponents of the bill, which is expected to be considered […]

17Nov, 2017

Vanguard Shareholders Vote to Restructure REIT Funds and for Other Changes

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ThinkAdvisor | November 15, 2017
By Bernice Napach

Vanguard is restructuring two REIT Index Funds and trimming the expense ratio for the institutional share class of its Total Stock Market Index and Institutional Index funds, according to a preliminary count of votes at Wednesday’s shareholder meeting.


In addition to these proxy votes, Vanguard shareholders elected three new members to […]

7Nov, 2017

Janet Yellen is Going Out on a High Note

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CNN Money | November 2, 2017
By Matt Egan

It’s easy to forget that just two years ago many feared Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve were trapped at zero. Yellen faced a puzzling challenge: How to raise interest rates without freaking out markets and disrupting the recovery?

Under Yellen’s leadership, the Fed has gradually moved interest rates higher and […]