15May, 2018

Republican Farm Bill Could Threaten 58.5 Million Acres of Forest Land, Conservationists Say

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Newsweek | May 14, 2018
By Nicole Goodkind

A new Republican piece of legislation will threaten about 58.5 million acres, or 91,000 square miles, of protected forest land, environmental activists say.

The Farm Bill, an all-encompassing multi-year piece of legislation that directs what happens at the Department of Agriculture, has gained attention for its proposed overhaul to the food […]

19Apr, 2018

Farms and Forests: The Future of Federal Climate Policy?

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Alex Rudee is a second-year Master of Environmental Management student on the Bass Connections Turning the Mid-Century Decarbonization Strategy into Concrete Policy for U.S. Forests and Agriculture project team.

His team, which is being led by the former Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and current Rubenstein Fellow, Robert […]

28Sep, 2017

There Will Be Fire: Congress fights over how to fund, respond to wildfires

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The Washington Examiner | September 27, 2017
By Josh Siegel

Western lawmakers are pushing for Congress to address funding and management challenges at the U.S. Forest Service as the government struggles to respond to an extreme year for wildfires.

Democrats and Republicans representing states affected by wildfires say the problem demands the same attention as recent hurricanes, as fires have become […]

11Aug, 2017

We Worked for Bush & Obama: Here’s a bipartisan solution to America’s wildfire problem

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USA TODAY | August 11, 2017
Op-Ed by Robert Bonnie and Mark Rey
Roughly 7-8 million acres burn in wildfires annually, almost twice as many as three decades ago — we must take action.
Republicans and Democrats aren’t supposed to agree on much these days, particularly when it comes to the environment and management of our public lands. But, […]

30May, 2017

Wildfires on the Rise Due to Drought and Climate Change

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60 Minutes |May 28, 2017
By Steve Inskeep

Fighting wildfires in America cost federal agencies almost $2 billion last year including more than half the budget of the U.S. Forest Service. Wildland fires are growing worse in a time of drought and climate change, and the biggest and most destructive fires can’t be stopped. They are a force […]

3Apr, 2017

Alumnus Robert Bonnie Returns as a Rubenstein Fellow to Explore Conservation in Rural America

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April 3, 2017

Robert Bonnie, a Nicholas School of the Environment alumnus and former Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, returns to Duke as a Rubenstein Fellow to address issues related to climate change and natural resource conservation in rural America.

Bonnie is the fifth expert to join Duke’s […]