18May, 2020

Gen. Dempsey, Army Band Perform Song Inspired by America’s Resiliency During COVID-19

General Martin Dempsey, News|

ABC News | May 14, 2020 By Elizabeth McLaughlin

“Oh let me tell you that I love you, that I think about you all the time. America, you’re calling us, still our home sweet home. And if we let this crisis change us, you know that it would make me more than sad, America’s been […]

1May, 2020

COVID-19’s Impact on Civil-Military Relations

General Martin Dempsey, News|

Duke University, Office of Government Relations | April 30, 2020

Recent years have presented unique challenges to civil-military (civ-mil) relations in the United States.  And then the global pandemic hit. 

On April 23, Duke in DC and Duke’s Program in American Grand Strategy (AGS) co-hosted a virtual congressional briefing with General Martin Dempsey G’84. Peter Feaver, a professor of […]

23Apr, 2020

Martin Dempsey Talks Leadership

General Martin Dempsey, News|

Martin Dempsey, retired Army general and former Joint Chiefs chairman, has a new book coming out in May called “No Time For Spectators: The Lessons That Mattered Most From West Point To The West Wing.” Dempsey sits down with Defense One Executive Editor Kevin Baron to discuss politics and leadership during a pandemic, why the U.S. didn’t do more in Syria sooner, and more. […]

31Oct, 2019

President Price in DC: Discussing University Priorities and Celebrating General Martin Dempsey

General Martin Dempsey, News|

Duke Today | October 18, 2019

President Vincent Price returned to Washington, D.C. on October 16 for a day of meetings and events that emphasized a host of Duke’s federal priorities and cultivated both new and existing relationships.
Price met with Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY), chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee. He thanked her for her steadfast support of […]

2Oct, 2019

A Lifetime of Service: Dempsey’s Marshall Medal Highlights Legacy of Leadership

General Martin Dempsey, Home, News|

Association of the United States Army | October 2, 2019

Retired Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the 18th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and 37th Army chief of staff, was selected by the Council of Trustees of the Association of the U.S. Army as the 2019 recipient of the George Catlett Marshall Medal for sustained commitment […]

6Sep, 2019

Trump Administration Considers a Drastic Cut in Refugees Allowed to Enter U.S.

General Martin Dempsey, News|

The New York Times | September 6, 2019
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear

The White House is considering a plan that would keep most refugees who are fleeing war, persecution and famine out of the United States, significantly cutting back a decades-old program, according to current and former administration officials.
In a letter to Mr. Trump on […]

21May, 2019

Obama’s Top General Slams Trump Military Pardons as ‘Abdication of Moral Responsibility’

General Martin Dempsey, News|

Washington Examiner| May 21, 2019
By John Gage

Retired Gen. Martin Dempsey slammed President Trump for his plan to pardon several military members charged with war crimes.
“Absent evidence of innocence or injustice the wholesale pardon of US service members accused of war crimes signals our troops and allies that we don’t take the Law of Armed Conflict seriously. Bad […]

21Mar, 2019

Retired General Officer Optimistic About Future

General Martin Dempsey, News|

RedstoneRocket | March 20, 2019
By Wendy Reeves

During times of political and economic turmoil, retired Gen. Martin Dempsey offered hope when he spoke at the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Distinguished Lecture Series.

“Fear is such a powerful, powerful emotion,” Dempsey told a crowd of about 250 business and community leaders at the UAH Student Services Building […]

13Mar, 2019

In a Complicated Time, U.S. Leadership Requires Allies, says Former Chair of Joint Chiefs

General Martin Dempsey, News|

The University of Alabama in Huntsville | March 12, 2019
By Jim Steele

In a connected world awash in 24-hour news cycle information and disinformation, the United States will continue its vital global leadership role as long as its leaders remember the reasons for established global alliances, Gen. Martin Dempsey told defense and community leaders at The University […]

5Feb, 2019

Tom Brokaw: The Demands of Leadership

General Martin Dempsey, News|

Mr. Brokaw recalls a meeting with Gen. Martin Dempsey in Iraq.

The New York Times | February 5, 2019
By Tom Brokaw, Opinion
To the Editor:
Re “The General and His Tweets,” by Carol Giacomo (Editorial Observer, Feb. 2):
The tweets about leadership by Martin Dempsey, the retired Army general, reminded me of a meeting I had with him in Iraq, where […]