16Dec, 2020

FDA Emergency Authorizes First At-Home, Over-The-Counter Coronavirus Test

Eric Perakslis, News|

WBUR Here & Now | December 16, 2020

We talk to Eric Perakslis, a faculty member at Duke University, about the first at-home, over-the-counter COVID-19 test that will be hitting shelves next month following emergency authorization by the Food and Drug Administration this week.

The test, which was developed by Australian company Ellume, will give users their results via Bluetooth […]

18Nov, 2020

Data Concerns Dedevil Vaccine Rollout

Eric Perakslis, News|

Politico | November 18, 2020By Darius Tahir

THE TECH CHALLENGE AHEAD: We’ve all heard the two blasts of good news on coronavirus vaccines. But good news can also deliver hard challenges — in this case, data to drive immunizations.

— Patient-matching and privacy: The vaccine administration campaign will have to deal with a longstanding challenge in health technology: “patient […]

7Oct, 2020

Clinical Trial Software Company Hit by Massive Ransomware Attack

Eric Perakslis, News|

BioSpace | October 5, 2020By Mark Terry

Last week, Universal Health Services (UHS) was hit by a massive ransomware attack, which is believed to be one of the largest cyberattacks on a medical institution in the U.S.

Now, Philadelphia-based software company eResearchTechnology (ERT), which offers software used in hundreds of clinical trials, has suffered a ransomware attack. The attack […]

10Jul, 2020

Testing Falls Short In States Where Coronavirus Is Surging

Eric Perakslis, News|

NPR, Here & Now | June 30, 2020By Peter O’Dowd

For months public health officials have said that testing and contact tracing are key to stopping the spread of COVID-19. But as new coronavirus cases surge in many states, demand for testing is overwhelming capacity.

The mayor of Houston says his city’s two public coronavirus testing sites were […]

15Jun, 2020

Contact Tracing: 10 Unique Challenges of COVID-19

Eric Perakslis, News|

The Healthcare Blog | June 12, 2020By Vince Kuraitis, Eric Perakslis, and Deven McGraw

A worldwide dialog about COVID-19 contact tracing is underway. Even under the best of circumstances, the contact tracing process can be difficult, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and invasive — requiring rigorous, methodical execution and follow-up.

COVID-19 throws curve balls at the already difficult process of […]

24May, 2020

Contact Tracing for COVID-19 Will be the Most Complex Health Investigation Ever

Eric Perakslis, News|

National Geographic | May 24, 2020By Craig Welch

To halt the spread of the deadly virus, health experts say states need to hire contact tracers to quickly hunt down everyone who’s been exposed.


“The things people are trying to do passively, with phone apps, aren’t the same as active contact tracing,” says Eric Perakslis, […]

22May, 2020

Doctors Enlist Artificial Intelligence to Help Them Defeat the Coronavirus

Eric Perakslis, News|

Los Angeles Times | May 20, 2020 By Ashley Gold, Kaiser Health News

Dr. Albert Hsiao and his colleagues at the UC San Diego health system had been working for 18 months on an artificial intelligence program designed to help doctors identify pneumonia on a chest X-ray. When the coronavirus hit the United States, they decided to see what it […]

7May, 2020

The US Has No Idea How to Manage all the Testing Data It’s Collecting

Eric Perakslis, News|

In the US, each state decides how it reports findings from covid-19 tests. The result is a chaotic system that’s hurting our response to the pandemic.

MIT Technology Review | May 7, 2020 By Neel V. Patel

Imagine you’re an epidemiologist or public health expert in the US during the current crisis. Senior elected officials […]

23Apr, 2020

‘It’s noisy’: Competing COVID-19 Efforts Could Hamper Progress, Experts Warn

Eric Perakslis, News|

STAT | April 23, 2020By Erin Brodwin and Rebecca Robbins

As many of the most forward-thinking tech and biopharma behemoths — from Apple and Google to Gilead and MIT — rush in to use their savvy and expertise to help fight Covid-19, some of their independent efforts risk undermining their common goals.

For all the know-how and good […]

10Apr, 2020

Apple, Google Team Up on Big Effort to Trace Coronavirus Cases

Eric Perakslis|

Politico | April 10, 2020By Leah Nylen and Mohana Ravindranath

Apple and Google announced Friday that they are teaming up on a major effort to help health officials trace coronavirus exposure risks, in a rare alliance between two huge rivals whose software dominates the market for mobile devices.

The companies said they would make technology available by […]