16Sep, 2019

There’s a Reason We Don’t Know Much about AI

Eric Perakslis, News|

Politico | September 16, 2019
By Arthur Allen

Last year, when the Food and Drug Administration approved an Apple Watch feature that notified users if they had an irregular heart rhythm, the information tech industry hailed it as a watershed moment in consumer-focused health care. Cardiologists, on the other hand, warned that the app could lead to […]

24Jun, 2019

FDA ‘White Hat’ Hacking Tools May Combat Medical Misinformation

Eric Perakslis, News|

MedTech Dive | June 17, 2019
By Susan Kelly

Medical device cybersecurity remains top of mind at FDA as healthcare organizations continue to face threats. A report out last month, for example, said the WannaCry malware that disrupted service at about 40 U.K. hospitals two years ago remains a threat and continues to attack healthcare companies.


One strategy for preventing […]

14Jun, 2019

Employ Cybersecurity Techniques Against the Threat of Medical Misinformation

Eric Perakslis, News|

JAMA | June 14, 2019
By Eric Perakslis and Robert Califf 

Although the sharing of misleading information is likely as old as humanity, an unfortunate concomitant of the current digital environment is the amplification and accelerated spread of medical misinformation. Growing distrust of medical professionals is causing some people to eschew drugs that have been proven effective, […]

6Jun, 2019

DiMe: Calling all who Serve in Digital Medicine

Eric Perakslis, News|

STAT| June 5, 2019
By Jen Goldsack, Beau Woods, and Eric Perakslis

From smart pacemakers to diagnostic algorithms and digital therapeutics, medicine is becoming more digitized every year. Digital medicine tools offer the possibility of improved health outcomes, lower costs, and better access to care. But the evidence base for the safety and effectiveness of these new products […]

23May, 2019

Pharma’s Desperate Struggle To Teach Old Data New Tricks

Eric Perakslis, News|

Forbes | May 23, 2019
By David Shaywitz

While pharma C-suite executives find themselves increasingly seduced by the promise of “digital transformation,” and especially by the idea of leveraging AI, the lived, on the ground reality within virtually all pharma R&D organizations couldn’t be further removed.


Data: Asset or Liability?

As Eric Perakslis, a health data guru and Rubenstein Fellow at Duke (his […]

17May, 2019

Treating Data as an Asset: Data Entrepreneurship in the Service of Patients

Eric Perakslis, News|

Rethinking Clinical Trials | May 10, 2019
Presentation by Eric Perakslis

Access the full presentation here: https://rethinkingclinicaltrials.org/news/may-10-2019-treating-data-as-an-asset-data-entrepreneurship-in-the-service-of-patients-eric-perakslis-phd/

17May, 2019

Is Health-care Data the New Blood?

Eric Perakslis, News|

The Lancet Digital Health
Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2019, Pages e8-e9
By Eric Perakslis and Andrea Coravos

Access the full article: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/landig/article/PIIS2589-7500(19)30001-9/fulltext#articleInformation 

25Feb, 2019

Systems Are for Institutions, Data Are for People

Eric Perakslis, News|

Duke Forge | February 12, 2019
By Eric Perakslis, PhD

In late January of this year, we welcomed health data expert Eric Perakslis, PhD, to Duke Forge as a Rubenstein Fellow. In Eric’s first blog post for Duke Forge, he shares some reflections prompted by an unexpected detour on his way to his first week at Duke.

Hi all!  I’m very excited to […]

4Feb, 2019

Duke Welcomes New Rubenstein Fellow Eric Perakslis

Eric Perakslis, News|

Duke University is welcoming a major talent to its ranks as Dr. Eric Perakslis begins a 2-year fellowship sponsored through Duke’s Rubenstein Fellows Academy. A leading national and international voice in the thoughtful application of data science to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes, Perakslis will bring to bear his unique insights, expertise, and experience in […]